"I really enjoyed working with Mr. Ellis . He's extremely professional and knows his stuff ! I needed help winning my custody case that I had been fighting for a little over a year by myself and wasn’t getting anywhere. Concerned for the safety of my son I went to Mr. Ellis who saw my concerns and reassured me that with hard work and some patience my baby boy would be safe. In just a few short months I went back to court and won my case!!! I highly recommend going to Mr. Ellis if you are stuck in a rut like I was, trying to protect your baby from harm. He knew exactly what my judge wanted to hear and didn’t want to hear. . . . It’s been about 3 months and my son is safe at home where he should be, progressing more then he was before I won my case in Aug. I am extremely grateful for Mr. Ellis."

 - Ashley F.

"Probably the best divorce attorney I could get in my divorce. Made a situation that is often stressful much easier. For a busy attorney he was available when I needed to connect. Honest, very affordable compared to the competition, honest, experienced and took care of what I needed done in my divorce quickly."

 - Russel S.

"I had a very positive meeting with Mark Ellis and found him to be a consummate professional. He was able to answer my questions and gave me confidence about how to handle my situation. I look forward to working with him on my case!"

 - srtwlldcat